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I purchased the standard version from vuescan. The customer service is terrible to non existent.

Obviously Ed Hambrick has an attitude problem with the public. Customer service is the last place to employ him. I never did get the software to function consistently. He replied initially however when he got down to issues he stopped replying, knew I was a customer, knew I was not able to get it to work, Knew he advertised one price and charged another...he knew this because he set his website up that way, and now I don't hear from him AND he's got the money.

BUYER BEWARE!!!!! [I HAVE THE INTERNET ENTRY RECORD TO BACK THIS UP in case anyone wants to go to court.] Then he reserves the right to take two months to reply.!!!!! What do you do with the scanning job while he uses your money and pretends he is offended that you even bothered him with such trivia. Vuescan seems widely used.

If customer support is so highly personal and inefficient the money and time wasted trying to business with him is worth the lesson.

My error. LLOYD

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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VueScan - Hamrick Software - Dishonest - Buyer Beware!

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I was working on a family project and had to quickly scan a lot of pictures into digital files to put together a slideshow. After a quick internet search I found a product called VueScan at http://www.hamrick.com/. The site stated that VueScan is an easy-to-use replacement for the software that came with your scanner and supports over 1850 different flatbed scanners, printer/scanners and film scanners. I purchased the software and when I installed and tried to use it I got the following error message: "No scanners were found connected to your computer, and no raw scan files were found."

I checked http://www.hamrick.comSupport page (which consisted only of a one page FAQ) and found in their FAQs that software does not even work with my scanner! This is disappointing as I even listed the type of scanner on their order form. If they don't support my scanner they should not have processed the purchase.

I work for a large Software company and used my work email to write to Ed Hamrick of VueScan explaining the issue requesting a refund. Ed Hamrick of Hamrick Software refused to give me a refund because he said he had a dispute 30 years ago with the company I now work for. In his email he stated in effect that he was happy to have the opportunity to rip me off.

This guy is a *** and a rip-off. Anyone who does business with him or his company, Hamrick Software, deserves what they get.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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Hamrick has a list of supported scanners, which you obviously found. And you found that your scannaer was not included.

The question is: why didn't you look through that list before purchasing? Do you frequently make ***-nilly purchases without due diligence?

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